Fundamentals of Physics and Information

Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies



A workshop at ETH Zurich, Tue 8 June- Fri 11 June.

A key focal point of modern physics is understanding the fundamental relationship between information theory and physics. What kind of information processing is possible depends on the laws of nature. Conversely, what kind of information processing is possible limits the laws of nature. Understanding this relation is crucial for identifying the fundamental possibilities of information processing. It moreover gives a different and strikingly powerful perspective on quantum effects, in terms of information.  

The workshop saw researchers in physics, computing and mathematics discussing recent progress in this direction, including:




ETH Zurich main building [getting there]. Hermann Weyl room (floor G, number 43)  [floor plan].


Tuesday 8 June
10-11 Barnum Steering and Teleportation in Probabilistic Theories
11-12 Coffee, discussions
12-13 Masanes Quantum theory from four requirements
13-15 Lunch,  discussions
15-16 Muller On properties of measurements in probabilistic theories and axioms for quantum theory
Wednesday 9 June
10-11 Brunner Guess your neighbour's input:a multipartite non-local game with no quantum advantage
11-12 Coffee, discussions
12-13 Pawlowski Different notions of no-signalling
13-15 Lunch, discussions
15-16 Short
Entropy in general physical theories
16-16.30 Gross
All reversible dynamics in maximally non-local theories are trivial
Thursday 10 June
Quantum theory cannot be extended
11-12 Coffee, discussions
12-13 Spekkens A framework for quantum and classical Bayesian inference
13-14.15 Lunch, discussions
14.15-15.00 Barrett
Informal talk/discussion: Thermodynamics in General Theories.
15-16 Oppenheim If quantum mechanics were more non-local it would violate the uncertainty principle
16.50 onwards
Walk+Workshop Dinner
Restaurant Felsenegg
Friday 11 June
A QBist Route to Quantum State Space
11-12 Coffee, discussions
12-13 Fuchs
Some Properties of QBist State Spaces, whichever Ones Ruediger Schack Does Not Cover
13-15 Lunch, discussions
15-16 Chiribella
Purity and reversibility as a paradigm for Quantum Information Processing
16-16.30 Son
Positive phase space transformation incompatible with classical physics


Amplification of non-signaling secrecy
Hänggi, Renner and Wolf

How non-local are n noisy Popescu-Rohrlich machines?
Fitzi, Hänggi, Scarani and Wolf

Local limits on nonlocal correlations

Indeterminism and Decoherence in Standard Quantum Theory
Schilling, Fröhlich, and Pickl


The workshop was similar to one we organized here in 2008: Information Primitives and Laws of Nature. That workshop in turn was a follow-up to the Foils workshop in Cambridge in 2007 organized by Barrett, Short and Spekkens.


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