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Lecture notes

Available lecture notes and other supporting material:

Introduction to CFT2

Wess-Zumino-Witten models

Boundaries and defects


Wikipedia CFT2 project

A tutorial has been devoted to how to write in Wikipedia, with the aim of improving the existing Wikipedia content related to the topics of the school. More information on this project can be found at the page


The page also contains links to several CFT2 related articles on Wikipedia. Enjoy them and help us improving!


Video recordings

Video recordings of all lectures are available on the Phaidra platform of the University of Vienna. You can find below individual links to each lecture.

Introduction to CFT2

  1. The Virasoro algebra and its representations
  2. Fields and correlation functions
  3. BPZ equations - free bosons
  4. Conformal bootstrap
  5. Fusion rules - Minimal models
  6. Minimal models (continued) - Modular bootstrap
  7. Liouville theory

Wess-Zumino-Witten models

  1. Classical WZW model and current algebras
  2. Sugawara construction
  3. Representations
  4. Modular invariants


  1. W-algebras 1
  2. W-algebras 2
  3. W-algebras 3
  4. W-algebras 4

Boundaries and defects

  1. Boundaries and defects 1
  2. Boundaries and defects 2
  3. Boundaries and defects 3
  4. Boundaries and defects 4


  1. Conformal perturbation theory 1
  2. Conformal perturbation theory 2
  3. Conformal perturbation theory 3
  4. The TTbar deformation and integrable models 1
  5. The TTbar deformation and integrable models 2
  6. The TTbar deformation and integrable models 3