Integrability in Gauge and String Theory
20 – 24 August 2012
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Conference Programme

Schedule of Talks

09:30 Zarembo pdf mp3 Stefański pdf mp3 He pdf mp3 Gromov pdf mp3 Hoare pdf mp3
10:20Coffee Break & Posters
10:50 Basso pdf mp3 Kluemper pdf mp3 Duhr pdf mp3 Bykov pdf mp3 Yoshida pdf mp3
11:40 Sabio Vera pdf mp3 Sokatchev pdf mp3 Torrielli pdf mp3 Leurent pdf mp3 Magro pdf mp3
12:30Lunch Break
14:30 Kazama pdf mp3 Pestun pdf mp3 Correa pdf mp3 Free Afternoon Łukowski pdf mp3
15:20 Vieira pdf mp3 Roiban pdf mp3 Drukker pdf mp3 van Tongeren pdf mp3


All talks take place at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Campus Zentrum, building CAB, room G61.

Special Events

List of Talks

The final list of talks:

Basso, Benjamin Mon 10:50 pdf mp3 On the integrability of 2D models with U(N) symmetry
Bykov, Dmitry Thu 10:50 pdf mp3 From spin chains to sigma models
Correa, Diego Wed 14:30 pdf mp3 The quark anti-quark potential from a TBA equation
Drukker, Nadav Wed 15:20 pdf mp3 Generalized quark-antiquark potential from an open spin-chain
Duhr, Claude Wed 10:50 pdf mp3 From Feynman integrals to the Hopf algebra of polylogarithms
Gromov, Nikolay Thu 09:30 pdf mp3 Analytic Solution of Bremsstrahlung TBA
He, Song Wed 09:30 pdf mp3 Yangian symmetry of scattering amplitudes in N=4 SYM
Hoare, Ben Fri 09:30 pdf mp3 The Pohlmeyer reduction and quantum deformation of the AdS₅ × S⁵ superstring
Kazama, Yoichi Mon 14:30 pdf mp3 Holographic correlation functions at strong coupling from integrability
Kluemper, Andreas Tue 10:50 pdf mp3 Integrable systems: solved and open problems in condensed matter physics
Leurent, Sébastien Thu 11:40 pdf mp3 Computing the AdS/CFT spectrum from the Y-system
Łukowski, Tomasz Fri 14:30 pdf mp3 Harmonic R-matrices for the N=4 amplitudes
Magro, Marc Fri 11:40 pdf mp3 Alleviating the non-ultralocality of the AdS₅ × S⁵ superstring
Pestun, Vasily Tue 14:30 pdf mp3 Integrable systems for 4d N=2 ADE quiver theories from instanton counting
Roiban, Radu Tue 15:20 pdf mp3 Short spinning strings, symmetries and the AdS₅ × S⁵ spectrum
Sabio Vera, Agustin Mon 11:40 pdf mp3 The Regge limit of gauge theories and gravity, with links to integrability
Sokatchev, Emery Tue 11:40 pdf mp3 Hidden symmetry of correlation functions in N=4 SYM
Stefański, Bogdan Tue 09:30 pdf mp3 Integrability and the AdS₃/CFT₂ correspondence
Torrielli, Alessandro Wed 11:40 pdf mp3 The many secrets of AdS/CFT
van Tongeren, Stijn Fri 15:20 pdf mp3 The Quantum Deformed Mirror TBA
Vieira, Pedro Mon 15:20 pdf mp3 Tailoring 3pt Functions and Integrability
Yoshida, Kentaroh Fri 10:50 pdf mp3 Hybrid integrable structure of squashed sigma models
Zarembo, Konstantin Mon 09:30 pdf mp3 Large-N limit of N=2 theories from localization

List of Posters

The final list of registered posters:

Aniceto, Ines pdf Resurgent Analysis of Large N Matrix Models (with Ricardo Schiappa)
Fernandez-Fraile, Daniel pdf Bulk viscosity of the Gross-Neveu model and integrability
Frassek, Rouven pdf From Q-Operators to Local Charges (with Carlo Meneghelli)
Kawaguchi, Io pdf Classical integrable structure of Schrodinger sigma models
Kim, Minkyoo pdf Perturbative S-matrix of marginally deformed SYM
Komatsu, Shota pdf Evaluation of wave functions for three point functions at strong coupling
Laskoś-Grabowski, Paweł pdf Surprises in AdS algebraic curve constructions: Wilson loops, correl. functions
Levkovich-Maslyuk, Fedor pdf Numerical results for the exact spectrum of planar AdS₄/CFT₃
Matsumoto, Takuya pdf Yangian Democracy — On the Equivalence of Different Realizations
Miwa, Akitsugu pdf Holographic correlator between ¼ BPS Wilson loop and ½ BPS local operator
Okuyama, Kazumi pdf Exact Results on the ABJM Fermi Gas
Regelskis, Vidas pdf Back to the q-deformations
Sfondrini, Alessandro pdf Exceptional operators in N=4 super Yang-Mills
Takasaki, Kanehisa pdf Integrable structure of deformed melting crystal models
Tsuboi, Zengo pdf Baxter Q-operators and tau-function for quantum integrable spin chains
Zayakin, Andrey pdf Three-point functions at weak and strong coupling: SFT, PT and integrability