Integrability in Gauge and String Theory
24 – 28 June 2006
Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik
Albert-Einstein-Institut, Potsdam
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List of Speakers


Abhishek Agarwal D-Branes and Integrability pdf mp3
Gleb Arutyunov On the AdS5 x S5 String S-Matrix pdf mp3
Zvi Bern The S-Matrix Reloaded: Twistors, Unitarity, Gauge Theories and Gravity pdf mp3
Nick Dorey Magnon Boundstates and the AdS/CFT Correspondence pdf mp3
Nadav Drukker Comments on Wilson Loops pdf mp3
Frank Göhmann The Hubbard Chain - A Paradigmatic Integrable Model pdf mp3
Alexander S. Gorsky Different Images of Integrability in Gauge Theories pdf mp3
Rafael Hernández Quantum Corrections to the String Bethe Ansatz pdf
Diego Hofman Giant Magnons pdf mp3
Romuald A. Janik Crossing Equation for the AdS5 x S5 S-Matrix pdf mp3
Vladimir Kazakov Integrable Sigma Models Related to AdS/CFT pdf mp3
Igor Klebanov Strings, D-Branes and Gauge Theories pdf mp3
Lev Lipatov Transcendentality and the Eden-Staudacher Equation pdf mp3
Jean-Michel Maillet Correlation Functions of Heisenberg Spin Chains: Algebraic Bethe Ansatz Approach pdf mp3
Tristan McLoughlin Classical and Quantum Strings in AdS5 x S5 pdf mp3
Andrei Mikhailov Local Charges and Nonlocal Poisson Brackets pdf mp3
Joe Polchinski AdS/CFT and Integrability pdf mp3
Nicolai Reshetikhin Integrability and Algebraic Structures pdf mp3
Jörg Teschner The Sinh-Gordon Model - A Warm-Up for Noncompact Nonlinear Sigma Models? pdf mp3
Arkady Tseytlin On the Spectrum of Strings in AdS5 x S5 pdf mp3
Alexei Tsvelik Bethe Ansatz Applications to Problems in Gauge and String Theory pdf mp3
Marija Zamaklar Finite-Size Effects from Giant Magnon pdf mp3
Konstantin Zarembo Bethe Ansatz in Stringy Sigma-Models pdf mp3

Marcel Grossmann Meeting

Niklas Beisert The S-Matrix of Planar AdS/CFT pdf
David A. Kosower On-Shell Methods in Field Theory pdf
Joe Minahan Magnons in Gauge and String Theories pdf
Alexios Polychronakos Calogero Fermions and N=4 SYM pdf
Emery Sokatchev Four-Point Correlators in AdS/CFT: Old and New Facts pdf
Matthias Staudacher Integrability, Transcendentality, and the AdS/CFT Correspondence pdf

Contributed Posters

Pedro Vieira,
  Nikolay Gromov,
  Vladimir Kazakov,
  Kazuhiro Sakai
Strings as Multi-Particle States of Quantum Sigma-Models pdf